Strategic Partners

Eminence MSO believes Health Care is a locally driven process. The only way we are able to positively impact clinical and financial outcomes in a given market is through the formation of collaborative strategic partnerships. As the Company enters a given market, we are looking for entities that embrace managed care as well as being fairly compensated for the value they deliver.


Home Care Companies

Home Care is an integral part of providing clinical services outside of an acute care setting and we are seeking to partner with home care providers in local areas who are interested in engaging in our proven protocols for managing the frail and elderly population. This includes Home Health Agencies, Home Infusion Companies, Durable Medical Equipment Providers, Private Nursing Companies, Hospice, and others that provide positive outcomes in the community. If you have an interest in talking with us, click the button below, enter your contact information, and we will setup time to meet.


Managed Care Organizations

Value Based Compensation and managed care continue to drive change in the provision of Health Care at the national, regional, and local level.  We have a deep understanding of how to work with managed care organizations and other risk bearing entities to achieve clinical and financial outcomes that meet the demands of your stakeholders. Contact us by clicking the button below and we will setup time to have an open discussion about a collaborative strategic partnership.


SeNIOR Living Facilities

Senior living facilities represent the largest growing segment in real estate today. We realize you are aggressively competing to keep your residences at high occupancy levels. We also realize amenities play an important part in recruiting and keeping residents engaged at your facilities. We believe we have an innovative way to work with you to manage the health of those residents with chronic conditions within the walls of your facilities. Better yet, we can show you an attractive return on an investment. And best, we can help your residents stay at home with you unless a visit to the hospital is absolutely necessary, keeping residency intact, residents happy, and relatives relieved. If you would like to discuss partnership potentials, click the button below and we'll be happy to meet.