Craig Fischer, Pharm.D



Craig Fischer has been a Senior Executive across many sections of the Health Care industry.  He has held positions in several start ups as well as Fortune 50 Companies.  His focus has been on the side of the providers with the goal of aligning the incentives between the Provider, the Payer and the Patient.

Dr. Fischer started within the Home Infusion Industry when the Industry didn’t really exist.  He started a small pharmacy in Southern California with the intent of moving patients from one place of care to another while maintaining or improving patient care.  He parlayed this endeavor into a successful partnership with many of the fledgling Managed Care Organizations of the 80s and 90s. 

The original business has since been sold to Option Care and Dr. Fischer went on to build a successful Software and Consulting company in the managed care space.  The focus was on bringing together the providers in each Home Care Market and position the providers to understand their value, both clinically and financially.  The company assisted many organizations build effective care planning tools as well as managed post acute care networks of providers.  This company was sold to the Adventist Health System.

Dr. Fischer then joined a regional Infusion Company on the West Coast.  He was instrumental in the growth of the company to over $200MM in revenue and selling the company Walgreens.  Craig stayed on with Walgreens for several years and was instrumental in putting together several Value Based Compensation programs for the organization.  He headed up the innovation team and was part of the team that grew specialty services in Walgreens over 200%. 

Pearson LLC recruited Dr. Fischer out of Walgreens to head its Health Care initiative.  Pearson had acquired several Mental Health tools and resources that were initially focused on Schools and education.  The intent was to move these tools into the mainstream of health care as medical and mental health began to merge.  It was mutually agreed that this was much more of a challenge than Pearson could undertake.  While the concept is sound, Pearson will not be taking a leadership role in the process.   Dr. Fischer will continue to leverage this knowledge in the integration of Health Care.

Dr. Fischer, along with others, have started this latest endeavor to further the development of a Senior Management Services Organization focused on the Post Acute Care Market.  As the United States continues to go through effective HealthCare Reform, it is imperative that we provide the Right Care at the Right Location for the Right Compensation.